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We are Rodney Wolstenholme-Egerton & Hans Stigt and we live with our three lovely Labradors Cooper, Morris & Bentley in Pijnacker in Holland.

We never actually intended on having 3 labradors or having a website, just a lovely pet dog to enjoy long walks with. The Labrador madness started in March 2002 when we got Cooper, our yellow Labrador when he was eight weeks old. Cooper is a very intelligent and active dog and very much likes to be in the limelight.
With this in mind we took him to his first Labrador show in 2003 and he was second from the 26 dogs entered in his group!

Of course we could not stop at one lab and as we were so happy with Cooper we soon had a second lab, a chocolate, Morris, in our home. Morris has a great character, is a very even tempered, cuddly bear and is a great companion to Cooper.
Both of them are totally different in character but come from the same breeder also in Pijnacker. Many thanks to the family Haket-Heinsbroek, who have bred fantastic healthy dogs for many years and we are grateful to both of them for these two gems for Labradors!

We were looking for a year and a half to expand and plan for the future and within a month of each other in 2007 Bentley & Molly came along. Bentley is from a Danish kennel and Molly is from an English kennel, both with English lines. We thank both Lisbeth Tunby and Linda Major for these two lovely labradors.
We have trained with Cooper, Morris and Bentley and they have gone through all of the obedience training including: Remain in sit, stand, come to, and of course retrieve. We have also done lots of dummy training with them out of the water and on land, steadiness exercises and training with game.

If you take a look through the photos you can see photos of Cooper, Morris and Bentley retrieving a duck or a rabbit. Morris and Bentley have achived their A certificate from the Dutch Lab Association.

Barney & myself.
Ever since I was a young boy my family had Labradors.
Barney was my Grandparents dog and was a wonderful and special companion with a charming character.
Since then I have always wanted to own my own Labrador.
My dream came true, and now I’ve even got three!!

Danecote Baron, also known as BARNEY, and myself.

As a child I ran to every dog I saw. I always loved dogs and I still do.
I’m so lucky that I found somebody who shares my love for dogs.
We ended up with 3 great Labradors and I wouldn’t miss them for the world!
My wish for the future is that I can contribute something to this great breed.

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