1 February 2012
Hans is from 1 February an FCI certified judge for the Labrador Retriever.

November 2010
In the near future we expect black and yellow puppies. Follow the puppy page for more information.

6 October 2010
Our new website has gone online!!

1 October 2010
Cooper was taken today for his yearly eye test and everything was clear for another year!

1 September 2010
The new 'About Pets' calenders are now in the store! Our boys have been photographed to represent these calenders. (see publication page)

6 May 2010
Bentley went to the eye doctor today for his yearly check up and everything is clear!

1 february 2010
Angie, the black girl from the association of assistance dogs has given birth to 6 puppies, 4 black boys and 2 black girls. We hope that both litters will grow up to be healthy and helpful assistant dogs.


13 january 2010
Choco, the brown girl from the association of assistance dogs gave birth to 8 puppies. 5 black boys, 1 black girl, 1 brown girl and 1 brown boy.


On Sunday 24 Jan 2010 Hans judged for the first time at the young pedigree day at the KCZY in Zaandam. There were 95 young dogs from the age of 3 to 18 months with more than 40 breeds. A great, interesting and educational day for him! Here are some photos taken on the day….

Zie ook: web.me.com/degraml

October 2009
Cooper went to the eye doctor today for his yearly check up and everything is clear!

6 May 2009
Bentley went to the eye doctor today for his yearly check up and everything is clear!

March, 2009
Hans passed his exam today, 28 March for the course ‘exteriour and movement’ with an 8!!! So he can now call himself ‘An Aspiring judge’. WELL DONE HANS! We are proud of you!

March, 2009
GREAT NEWS!! Bentley’s test results are in:
Optigen Clear/Normal
Carries chocolate and no yellow — BbEE
Exercise Induced Collapse — Free

March, 2009
Gentle Labs Diamonds Are Forever & Gentle Labs Dance The Night Away have been chosen by the Association for Assistance dogs. All the pups fitted the profile after the extensive test.


We are so proud of Bentley
He is a real show man and great to work with in the field!

November 2008
Bentley, 4th at the Winner show (Intermediate class)

3rd price NLV certificate

October, 2008
Bentley gained 3rd prize in his working certificate L today, 18th October. Bentley took it all in his stride scoring five ‘10’s and 2 ‘8’s. Unfortunately Bentley does not yet like to swim in deep water and if he had swam he would have scored another ‘10’.
But instead a zero. So still something to work on for the following certificate!

July, 2008
Lab Treasure’s Bentley. Bentley was placed first and gained his Youth CAC at the show in Hulten!!!

Juny, 2008
Morris became a grandfather. Kenya gave birth to 7 puppies. Click here for photos of our visit.

Juny, 2008
"Morris" There was a reunion of Gentle Labs A litter.

February 2008
Lab Treasure’s Bentley
Bentley gained a second place at the dog show in Belgium
in his first show in the Youth Class.
Lisbeth, his breeder showed him.
Many thanks Lisbeth!

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